Customers arrives and enters a queue

As the customer walk-in to the premise and realise their need for service, they quickly need to recognise customer service process. By installing a Ticketing Kiosk at a prominent location presenting with multi-lingual layout, it will be ensured that customers both recognise the service process and quickly identify where the closest entry point for the service queue. Customer receives a token for the selected service with pre-set priority levels.


Customers awaits their turn

Recognising the importance of customers’ “in-process-feeling" means that customers at all times, from the moment they realise their service need until the moment they receive the service requested, need to feel convinced that they are processed fairly and correctly. They need to fell convinced that they have entered the queue correctly, that they maintain their position in the queue and that they will be properly informed in due time when it's their turn to be serviced. Maximising this “in-process-feeling” maximises customers’ comfort level and allows the customers to focus on other things while waiting.

The Main Display installed at waiting area enables to provide customers with relevant information, e.g., news, Intro of special events, offers, and/or entertainment and can be targeted to customer groups currently waiting.

The Counter Display and Voice Announcement System is used to ensure that customers don’t need to worry that they might miss their turn. Also the main display highlights the ticket number and the counter number to get customer’s attention.


Customers are called upon and served

The service attendant staff calls customers in due order with a software or hardware Calling Device. When the staff has finished serving a customer they can check the number of waiting customers on the terminal and press the “next” button to call for the next customer.

A sound catches the waiting customers’ attention. The sound is located adjacent to the LCD display to ensure that customers look in the right direction immediately. During busy hours when waiting times may be long it is important to eliminate all potential inefficiencies, e.g., customers looking around for the main display.

The next customer then approaches the service desk where the customer is met by the staff. Naturally, standard functions such as Login, Call, Transfer, and Close , etc., are available. Also, before calling customers, the counter users have the relevant waiting times and number of customers waiting to be served.

Since the system is highly flexible it enables the administrator users to select each queue to see relevant waiting times, number of customers waiting for each specific service, calculated waiting times, and transaction times.


Customers leave feedback about service

Customer feedback can deliver quick wins and lasting benefits and enabling organizations to gain powerful insight, promptly act on customers’ comments and issues at the decisive moment, and drive enhancements and corrective actions to continuously improve future interactions.

Organisations rely on customer feedback to understand how well they meet customers’ expectations. But often, the feedback data they collect is too dated, too fuzzy or from too small a sample to effect change. Using feedback most effectively requires meaningful, timely information that spans all touch points, and that’s clear enough to be acted upon.


Reports and Management Information Analysis

The solution registers and stores data about the customer flow at all time. The data can be extracted and management information can then be displayed as reports in a web-based format (or similar). This allows staff and management to access both historical and real-time customer flow data in a flexible manner.

The Queue Flow Management solutions records essential milestone data for every transaction performed within the system. This data only becomes information when it is presented in an understandable manner as reports. The necessary save, schedule and print functionality is implemented and by default a set of standard reports are included, but custom made reports can also be easily designed.